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Here you will find a small list of features that we offer you and we are constantly adding new ones!


With us you will have a free backlink.


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Simple and fast

We put a lot of effort into making ProfilCard easy to use.

Frequently asked questions

When registering, you only need to enter a username, email and password. That's all we need from you.

Once you have registered, your username will be used as a link. It will look like this, for example: https://pfcard.link/[Your Name]

No! ProfileCard will always remain free of charge. Our goal is to offer many great features at no cost to you!

Yes! In the dashboard you have a menu called Designer. There you can set everything according to your wishes.

Yes, you can contribute to ProfileCard and post your suggestions on our Discord.

Sure! We are constantly working on ProfileCard and improving it.

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